About Quo Vadis

Who We Are

 Quo Vadis Books is a unique Christian ministry that sells great Christian literature, including large selections of C.S. Lewis, apologetics, studies of science and faith, and various editions and versions of the Bible in English. We sell new books 15-20% below retail—everyday. We stock and sell the Bible in over 80 languages, possibly the largest in-store inventory of foreign-language Bibles in the United States.

True to its calling as a force for unity in the Body of Christ, Quo Vadis has also host prayer meetings, Bible studies, English classes, and small and large group meetings throughout the week. It has been the “birth-place” to at least six different churches and many campus ministries. It has hosted book clubs, Thanksgiving dinners, fund-raising dinners, International student parties, Arts Nights, Game Nights, book signings, missionary receptions, talks by professors, and so much more! To put it another way, our motto is “More than a Bookstore.”

Quo Vadis is located across the street from ASU on Mill Avenue between 10th Street and Apache in a cozy strip mall containing a coffee shop and a Pilates studio. It is next door to C3, the Campus Christian Center. Parking is in the back 

All Quo Vadis workers, including managers, are volunteers. Quo Vadis is a completely non-profit ministry. No salaries are taken. All sales help pay for utilities and supplies. Tax-deductible donations from individuals and churches help pay the rent. Please consider volunteering or donating to our ministry!

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Community Ministries International (CMI) supports the individual mission/ministry/calling of God. It reaches out through a Christian bookstore, domestic and foreign missionaries, and Tempe pastors/churches to international students, Arizona State Univ. faculty, students, and staff, physically-challenged students, athletes, the elderly, prisons, and new workers for the kingdom. To God be the glory for all He is accomplishing under the CMI umbrella!