History of Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis Bookstore was begun by Elmer and Jean Hiebert in 1973 as a non-profit Christian literature ministry in Tempe, Arizona. The original location, on University Drive and Forest Ave. directly across from Arizona State University in the “Arches” Plaza, made it easily accessible to students and faculty and general pedestrian traffic. The Hieberts created a warm and loving atmosphere where all were welcomed. Their love of students, professors, internationals, athletes, those with disabilities, and many other “people-groups” of the ASU community was expressed in the way they cared for, mentored, and inspired all who came into the store.

Elmer and Jean had a long and fruitful ministry to the ASU community for more than 30 years and were used by the Lord as a unifying force for many Christian ministries on campus. Elmer and Jean moved back to their roots in Dallas, Oregon in 2006, but their legacy and influence continues here in Tempe and far beyond.

Though Elmer and Jean were the first managers of Quo Vadis, they were by no means the last! There have been many faithful and caring individuals who have stepped in to manage the bookstore and minister to the community. Over the past twenty years or so, some of those special people include Mitch Miller, Brett Myers, Paula Nemeth, Bob Thompson, Sarah Sanders, Wendy Madison, Rachel Birman, and currently Fred Perry and Will Gentrup. Besides these servant-managers, we have had dozens of faithful volunteers from young teen and college students to retired friends and family.